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Model: E522BP Series: 522BP
Max 9V-1 Card..
Model: E522BP2 Series: 522BP-2
Max 9V-2 Card..
Model: E522TP4 Series: 522BP-4
Max 9V-4 Card..
Model: E91TP12 Series: E91BW12EM
Max AA-12 Card..
Model: E91BP16 Series: E91LP16
Max AA-16 Card..
Model: E91BP2 Series: E91BP2
Max AA-2 Card..
Model: E91BP20 Series: E91BP20
Max AA-20 Card..
Model: E91BP4 Series: E91BP4
Max AA-4 Card..
Model: E91BP8 Series: E91MP8
Max AA-8 Card..
Model: E92BP12 Series: E92BP12
Max AAA-12 Card..
Model: E92BP2 Series: E92BP2
Max AAA-2 Card..
Model: E92BP4 Series: E92BP4
Max AAA-4 Card..
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