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USB drive

USB key
Item number: MD16GC410
Emtec USB2.0 C410 16GB..
Item number: MD16GC410JR80
Emtec USB2.0 C410 8GB 80-Piece Jar..
Item number: MD32GC410
Emtec USB2.0 C410 32GB..
Item number: MD32GC410JR80
Emtec USB2.0 C410 32GB 80-Piece Jar Color Mix..
Item number: MD64GC410
Emtec USB2.0 C410 64GB..
Item number: MD16GC452
Emtec USB2.0 C450 16GB..
Item number: MD32GC452
Emtec USB2.0 C450 32GB..
Item number: MD64GC452
Emtec USB2.0 C450 64GB..
Item number: MD128GB253
Emtec USB3.0 B250 128GB..
Item number: MD16GB253
Emtec USB3.0 B250 16GB..
Item number: MD32GB253
Emtec USB3.0 B250 32GB..
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