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Item number: KNX023P
Konex - Small rustic wooden counter display --> Sunglasses made with bamboo. UV400 protection blocking almost 100% of harmful UV rays. 24 units INCLUDED: 24 X Bambou Sunglasses: 2X MIX BAMBOU 1 X Empty Display 5,5" X 13" X 24,5" (KNX023P-DISPLAY) 3 X FREE Bambou Sunglasses..
Item number: KNX022P
Konex - Two-sided rotating counter display with mirrors on each side. Contains a mix of 24 standard sunglasses and 12 sunglasses from our Bamboo collection. 36 UNITS INCLUDED: 24 X Standard sunglasses: 1X MIX POP #1 + 1X MIX POP #2 12 X Bamboo sunglasses 1X MIX BAMBOU 4 X FREE Bambou Sunglass..
Sunglasses Floor Display MIX (Big) Sunglasses Floor Display MIX (Big)
Item number: KNX021P
Konex - BIG SUNGLASSES DISPLAY -Two-sided rotating floor display with mirrors on each side. (76,5" X 18" X 18") 84 units INCLUDED: 60 X Standard Sunglasses:2X MIX POP #1 + 1X MIX POP #2 + 1X MIX FUNKY + 1X MIX MOTO 24 X Bamboo Sunglasses: 2X MIX BAMBOU..
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